Letter No. 35 | Sunday August 8, 1943

Pfc. George H Dicus
865th Chem. Co.
BTC #8 - AO
Fresno, Calif.

Sunday Afternoon
August 8, 1943

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

It seems as though that every time I write to you, I am doing something new, and this time is no exception. I am on detached duty from my Co. now, and am a Physical Instructor. You know, I had a lot of experience at that kind of work at N.C., and at S.D. The funny thing is, when I reported to the officer in charge, it was a boy that I was in school with while in Ga. [Note: University of Georgia], and I knew him very well. That makes it pretty nice. The work was hard at first, but it is pretty nice now. There is an awful lot of running, and exercising in it, but it doesn't take long to get hardened down to it after you get into it. It is really very nice, and I like the work.

My name was turned in to headquarters for Cpl. rating last week along with two more. They each have over 15 months service, and they got their rating, but mine was turned down. I don't think it should be too long though, because I am the only Physical Instructor that does not have a rating.

It doesn't seem as though I will be getting a furlough, or in fact it is not possible, for about 3 months yet. There is a rule on this post that no one is supposed to get a furlough until they have been in the service over a year. That is, a 15 day furlough. I could get a 7 day one, but that wouldn't be enough for more than traveling time. I am really not too disappointed though because I think that we will probably be closer to the South by that time. It takes better than half the furlough time to get there from here, and is a very long tiresome trip. I am just hoping that we will pull out of here soon, and I think we will. I like Calif. fine, but I would like to be a little nearer home. During your vacation, Mother, why don't you go up to see Anna Ruth. I think it would be a nice trip, and I know it would make her awfully happy if you would go up. When I do get a furlough, I want her to come down then.

I think I will go get a little bit of shut eye, and take advantage of a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Write real soon, and tell me how you are, and all the news.

Love always,

P.S. I feel fine, and weigh 173 now.