Letter No. 3 | Friday January 29, 1943

Basic Training Center (No. 7)
A.A.F.T.T.C. (Army Air Forces Technical Training Command)
Atlantic City, NJ

Friday January 29, 1943

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

I reckon this cold weather is agreeing with me. For the first time this winter I don’t have a trace of cold, and I am gaining weight. I believe I have gained 10 lbs. anyway. I eat enough to kill the average human though.

It is very pretty here, but pretty cold. It has been raining, snowing, or sleeting most of the time since I have been here.

The boys in my company are from Alabama and Georgia. We get pretty cold, but we all like it. We have a mighty nice corporal over us, and he takes care of us. There is no ice or snow on the ground now, and I think it will get a little bit warmer.

I got a letter from Anna Ruth today. She is getting along just fine. She told me a lot of things to watch out for. I think I will tell her that I still have good sense, and that I am ashamed of her for even thinking the army or anything else could change me. I have two real good friends now. One is from Mobile and the other from Cannon, GA. They are real good boys, and we get along just fine.

Tell Aunt Ruth to tell Erskine that I thought about him when I went through Washington. I could see the Capitol. In fact I watched it for a good time while we switched tracks there.

I wish I could be here this summer. Then you could come to see Anna Ruth, and we could go around to a lot of places. I could get some 3 day leaves then, but I am not eligible for one until my training is over here. I might get to go up and see her then. I think she is coming to see me sometime pretty soon. Won’t that be nice.

It is 9:30 now, and 5:30 comes around pretty early, so goodnight  to the finest people on earth.

Write soon.

Lots of love,