Letter No. 4 | Thursday February 4, 1943

Atlantic City, NJ

Thursday February 4, 1943

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

Well, my seven days of processing was up today. I will go into boot training proper tomorrow. I was classified today, and I don’t think I will like the idea. I am to be sent to a clerical school. I will be in training here for 18 more days, if I don’t get my call sooner. I am supposed to go to school from 3 to 4 months, and then to some office job. I might be able to get transfered to something else later on though.

I called Anna Ruth tonight. Paul and her are coming to see me Sunday, if I am not put on K.P. I didn’t know at that time, but the whole floor that I am on has to serve on it Saturday or Sunday. I hope mine will come Saturday. I told her I would call her if I couldn’t get off.

I am really glad processing is over. They had us going most of the time. Had a lot of lectures at night and etc. We will be eligible to get passes to go out at night now. So far we haven’t been outside the hotel without someone to guide us. The requirements to get a pass are so hard though, that you are pretty lucky if you get one a week. You also have to be in by 10 P.M.

My two friends that I was telling you about, and myself have, or will be separated from each other. One of them will be a radio mechanic, and the other a telephone lineman. That is the way of it. In the army you meet a lot of nice people. At Fort McPhearson I met 4 boys, and we all tried to stay together, and couldn’t and the same here. I am looking forward to moving. It is pretty nice here, but I want to get stationed some where.

I heard that most of the schools are in the south, and that they are in connections with different universities. It would be pretty nice if I could get close to home don’t you think?

I don’t guess I will get a chance to go to see Anna Ruth even though she is so close. I am not eligible for a leave until I finish the course here and it is only a 3 day leave. i will go if I get a chance though.

I must get that old shave (every night) and go to bed. Write soon.

Lots of love,

I feel fine and am gaining weight right along. I got the cash thanks. I will refund sometime.