Letter No. 7 | Monday February 22, 1943

Atlantic City, NJ

Monday February 22, 1943

Dearest Mother, Daddy and Anna Ruth,

I guess you are plenty mad at me, but if you only knew what I have been through the past week you could understand. They changed the training schedule to 27 days instead of 18. We were behind, and they jumped us up to a 20 day schedule. We graduated today. Had a very tough inspection by a major, and 1st Lieutenant. We were lucky, and got a pretty good mark, and graduated. We are casuals now, and will be shipped out pretty soon. Seven of the boys are on shipment tomorrow.

It is just like summer here now, but it was so cold last week that part of the boys froze when we went to the rifle range. It is 7 miles out there, and they picked the coldest days to go. We got almost there one day and it was 20 below 0 when we started. You have never seen the lack of legs, arms, faces and etc. that froze up. I really did work hard to keep from freezing myself. I think I am in about the best shape I have ever been in my life. I don’t have any cold and I am getting tough I believe (Ha).

I am on guard duty now. We are on guard for 2 hours, and one off. I just served my first two, and I have 3 more stretches to go. They keep us in a guard room while not on duty.  I would like to go to bed, but they are all taken. I go back out at midnight, but I am going to get some sleep even though I have to chunk someone out of a bed. Will write again as soon as I can get a chance.

Lots of love,

I hope you can read this, but I doubt it.

The commanding officer of the post came by my post tonight and asked me for my special order. You should have heard me rattle them off to him. He said “very good,” and walked on off.

Haven't had a chance to get in the mail line in 2 days.