Letter No. 6 | Friday February 12, 1943

Atlantic City, NJ

Friday February 12, 1943

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

This has been a hard day for me, but I still haven’t done anything either. We go to the shooting range tomorrow, (7 miles), and they have been teaching us how to make the slings to shoot from. I already knew how, so they made me an instructor to show the other boys. They are trying to make a drill master out of me. I don’t want it, I might get it anyway. The Drill Master gets about 60 men, and is responsible for them all the time during basic training. Responsibility, but the salary is still the same.

We came in and stood in line for our checks. I only got $10. We will get the rest next month I suppose.

I will have to get up real early in the morning to start to that 7 mile shooting range so I will answer all the questions in the last letter you wrote when I get time.

I am feeling fine, had cold, but it is gone. Write real soon, and often.

Lots of love,

It has been warm here lately. The sun shines like it does in the good old South.