Letter No. 80 | Friday September 22, 1944

Pfc. George Dicus 34700627
859th Chemical Co. A.O.
A.P.O. #149
c/o Postmaster, New York, N.Y.

Friday September 22, 1944

Dearest Mother and Anna Ruth,

I got your letter written September 10 today. I sure was surprised to hear from the Vughns' and especially to hear that Mr. Vaugh is now a major. I typed up his application to get in before I left Georgia. He is a good man though, and I am glad he is doing so good.

We haven't been doing much lately, but there is always something to keep you busy.

Albert must be having a pretty rough time don't you think. Getting wounded two times is not so good. I haven't heard from Bill yet. There is not much chance for us to see each other I don't think, but we will try anyway.

I hope you have been having a good time, and I know you have. Is mother spoiling the baby Anna Ruth? Don't you kid yourself, I bet she knows more about them than you.

I guess Chris has gone home by now. How is she? Same old gal I suppose.

I know Daddy is going to be surprised. I finally wrote to him. Probably won't get an answer though.

Have a good time and don't forget to write.

Love you,