Letter No. 94 | Friday December 8, 1944

Pvt George Dicus 34700627
Hq, 2nd Adv. Air Depot Area
APO 149, c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

Mrs. Paul J. Campbell
14 Tuxedo Place
Morristown, N.J.

December 8, 1944

Dearest Anna Ruth,

I have just gotten back from the show. "Gina" was on, the show was jammed full, and everyone was smoking. As result of it, I got the first headache that I've had in a long time.

I got your letter today that you wrote October 23. That is the first one for a long time. I hope that there is more on the way. You must've written more that I haven't gotten.

No, I didn't see Bill in England. In fact I haven't heard from him since I left England. At that time, I was pretty busy, and it was pretty hard to get passes at the same time, so we didn't get around to it.

I got a letter from Chris that was mailed October 17, and she didn't say anything about the wreck, or mention the package either. I have already mailed it, I mean the letter I wrote to her. Seems as though I am going off the head, but what I am trying to say is that I answered her letter.

I'm glad that Daddy did come by to see you on his way home. How do they seem to be. I have an idea that both of them are beginning to break. I was just thinking today that if I ever do get home, I think that I will stay pretty close around home, or have them come where I am. It is hard to plan anything now, because everything is so uncertain. I know that they would feel better if one of us was around, and it won't be so so very long until they will be getting pretty old, and will need help. [Note: They were only in their early 50's LOL] I am glad that you are spending as much time with them as you are. Write to them as often as you can, and try to keep them smiling. I write pretty often. More than I used to anyway.

Is Albert going to get out of the army? I understand that a lot of guys are getting out that just have little things wrong with them. Nice that he got to go back to the states anyway. As for me getting to come home sometime soon, you might as well forget about it. It will be sometime before I will be eligible to even try for a furlough. Get there someday though.

Something is sure messed up. I haven't gotten any of those packages that you or mother sent. The other fellows have been getting them all along is what makes me mad. The only package I have gotten was from Mary Nell. She sent me a nice fruitcake. It was still in perfect shape when he got here.

I saw Mose Branum the other night. We had a good time talking over old times. We're going to meet again this week, and go to Paris together if we can.

I am going into Paris soon, and go to the Follies Brassiere. Have you ever heard of it. It is quite famous, and is supposed to be the original burlesque. A bunch of us are going together, so we got a little reduction in the price. Wow!! Do they soak you over here for their shows. We are always broke.

I think that I am trying to cut a wisdom tooth. My jaw is sore, and swollen. I will go over to the dentist tomorrow, and let him take a look at it.

Some of the boys have come in my room, and a big bull session is going on. I guess I had better get into it. They are making so much noise that I can't think anyway. Don't forget to write.

Tell Paul and the kids that I said hello, you can also tell Martha that I sure would like to see her too.

Love always,

[NOTE: George's letter was type written and Anna Ruth hand wrote her own letter onto the bottom of it and then mailed it to their parents in Scottsboro, Alabama]

From Anna Ruth
Morristown, New Jersey

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

Am sending this letter right on which I got this morning (Sat.), but perhaps you have heard too? I suppose they're holding the mail up again.

Just had a hearty laugh over you folks "breaking!" Wrote George that I couldn't notice a thing breaking — that you did miss them a lot — but I figured you were in pretty good shape! Poor kid, I guess he just sort of got worried. Don't mention that I sent this letter on to you. 

The whole family did more packing last night, and we're coming along fine. I'm the "foreman" and am working the steam out of everybody —including me.  [NOTE: This will all make more sense when you read the next letter that I post. It was apparently sent to Alabama between the two letters in this post. It talks about an upcoming move from New Jersey to Chattanooga.] We're coming fine, though. We were lucky to get 10 barrels and 6 big, new wooden boxes. Barrels new, too. Makes packing easy. All neighbors save newspapers.

The Yus had meant to come out here for dinner tonight but called and asked if we couldn't meet them in N.Y. for dinner instead, since it was so cold to bring the little babies. I told Paul yes, so we're leaving at 3:30 , back at 9 — and won't have to have them here! We're going to Harrisses  for dinner tomorrow. Everybody is being very nice to us. 

Only 3 weeks more! I just can't wait until we get there. The boys are so excited that they're helping like nobody's business. Cliff tells me he's made a "birthday resolution" (Jan. 3) to hurry and always do just what he's told. Certainly a helpful resolution!

My head and neck are much better, and we're all fine except a little nervous and excited.

Lots of love,