Letter No. 93 | Sunday December 3, 1944

Pvt George Dicus 34700627
Hq, 2nd Adv. Air Depot Area
APO 149, c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

Mr. L. H. Dicus
Scottsboro, Alabama

December 3, 1944

Mother and Daddy,

This is Sunday afternoon, so I really took advantage of it, and spent a nice peaceful afternoon sleeping. Yesterday was my day off, and I went to Paris. It was late when I got home, so I really needed the sleep. It rained all day in Paris yesterday, so I didn't get out very much to see the town. I spent most of the day in the Red Cross, and the Service Center. I saw a couple shows, and enjoyed the day even though it was not very nice out.

Have only gotten one V-mail from you since I have been here at 2nd AADA. Have gotten later ones than that but I like to get the old ones. They clear up things for me that you think I already know in your more recent letters. I got a nice fruit cake from Mary Nell today, but your packages haven't started to come through as yet. Maybe it won't be long now. Some of them have been on the way long enough to get here three or four different times, don't you think?

We are going to have a movie tonight. I will go down, but more than likely will have already seen it three or four years ago. It is something to do though, and helps to pass the evenings off.

Being (school) Principal gives you another raise doesn't mother? What happened to Mrs. Robinson?

You asking your letter if I thought I would be here for a while. I have quit trying to guess what is going to happen next. From now on, I will just take it as it comes, and spend all my time trying to decide when it will be over.

I got a letter from William Derrick the other day. He is in Holland. I don't think he likes it there very much, but you know him. He wouldn't be satisfied any place they put him.

Well it is time to go to the show, so I had better get started.

Take good care of yourselves and write often.

I love you,