Letter No. 117 | Sunday May 13, 1945

Cpl. George Dicus 34700627
Hq & Hq Sq (Signal Section)
IX Air Force Service Command
APO 149, c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

Mr. L. H. Dicus
Box 175
Scottsboro, Alabama

Somewhere in Luxembourg
May 13, 1945

Dearest Mother, Daddy, and Anna Ruth,

Now that this war is over, there are many more things that I can tell you that would have been cut out of my letters if I had mentioned them before. Censorship is not over, but it is pretty lax as long as we are not in Germany itself.

I sent several pictures of the place and a portrait of the new bridge. This is a nice place, and I would like to send you a lot of things from here, but there is not much that is worth while to send. Still, I have heard of some nice things, and am trying to find them. If I can't find them, I will tell you what they are later, but until I do, I will just let you wait, and guess what they might be. You need not try though, because it will be impossible.

Are you up on your history? If you don't remember much about this place, I will tell you what I have picked up in my notes since I have been here. Luxembourg is a happy and peaceable country with about 300,000 inhabitants. It is about 2500 qkm. I will let you figure how big that it is from that. It was overrun by the Germans May 10, 1940. The people here have a strong hatred for them, and are very grateful to the Americans for what they have done. They are always telling you of the many bad things the Germans have done here, and that to be over run by them two times in 25 years is too much, and how glad they are that it will never happen again. It's history begins in the 10th century under the Luxembourg Courts of the Ardennes. It had been a free and independent country up tho the year 1443, when it was united with Burgandy. Regained by the Habsburgs in 1482, the Duchy passed to the Spaniards in 1555. In 1684 the French conquered the fortress of Luxembourg, but 14 years later, in 1698 they had to return it to Spain. In 1714 Luxembourg passed to Austrian sovereignty until in 1795 it was annexed for the second time by the French. In 1815 the Vienna Congress created Luxembourg a Grand Duchy united with the Netherlands by personal union. In 1839 its independence was finally restored, and since 1890 Luxembourg has been a dynasty of it's own, linked with the country and the people more strongly than almost any other dynasty in the world. In 1939 Luxembourg celebrated, and regained independence less than a year later the German boots, contrary to treaty, right and justice, tramped over them, and they could not defend themselves. American troops liberated this place 10 Sept 33. Since that time, the people have been celebrating. When the war was over the people went wild. We paraded through the streets on V Day, and it was really something to remember. People were lined thick on all streets, and hanging out of the windows. As we would go by, many of the older people were crying, and saying "thank you, thank you my friends". [Internet Photo Link] They seem to be hard working people, with the main jobs being farmers, merchants, and working in the iron district.

Don't guess you are interested in all of this, I don't think that I would, but when you are here, it is all together different. I always did hate dates in history, but now I find it rather interesting finding out what has happened to this country.

It has really been hot here for the past few days. Our office is one of the nicest rooms in the headquarters in the building as far as comfort goes though. It doesn't get very much sun, and has wonderful ventilation. I bet is is plenty hot there now, isn't it. 

Guess you are wondering the same thing that I am now. What and where and how and etc I will be next. That my loved ones is something that you know about as much about as I. There is one thing for sure. I will be in the army for sometime yet. My points lack a lot of even being eligible for discharge. There is no reason for one to get out of the army now anyway. I might as well stay in till it is over now, but I personally don't think it will be very long before it will be over. Think that I will stay in the Air Corps, and really wouldn't mind going to China with the Air Corps. If I get there, I am going to look up those places that you have pictures of daddy.

I have a little work to do, so I had better get started. Remember that I love you, and sure would like to see you.

As ever,