Letter No. 123 | Sunday June 10, 1945

Cpl. George Dicus 34700627
Hq & Hq Sq (Signal Section)
IX Air Force Service Command
APO 149, c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

Mr. L. H. Dicus
Scottsboro, Alabama

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
June 10, 1945

Dearest Mother, Daddy, and Anna Ruth,

This is Sunday afternoon, and we are off duty. We had planned to go swimming, but I decided to stay in, and write to you instead. The other guys went on, but it is a little bit too cool to go swimming, and I thought I had rather write this afternoon than swim anyway.

I am listening to the Sunday Serenade of Sammy Kaye, and his band now [Music Link]. I think that his program is about the best on the air. Of course, the program is transcribed, but it comes on at the same time he usually does back in the states, so it seems almost real.

I still haven't heard one thing about what is going to happen to me. As far as I know now, I will stay with this outfit for sometime yet, and I think they will stay here. Maybe it is best that we stay around here, but I really haven't thought much about it. When the time comes, they won't ask me my personal opinion anyway, so why should I bother myself about it. The only thing that I want to do is to come home, and I am afraid that there will be a little wait before I will make that jump. 

So you don't want to come across the ocean Mother. To tell you the truth, I think you are smart. In some ways, I guess it is OK, but there are so many nicer places to go back home in the states that this place can't even begin to be equal. The only place that I would recommend is Paris, and even when you get right down to it, it is not so wonderful as most people seem to think.

Don't plan on it too much, but I am really trying to get something nice for you. I have a deal working to get a set of crystal glasses that are supposed to be the finest in Europe. The Capt. that I work for has the deal, and has already gotten one set for himself, and is trying to get a set for me. They are very nice. The kind that you can just touch, and they ping. Sure hope that I can get them, because I think you will like them. 

Did I ever send any French money home? I don't think that I did, so I am sending a two Frank note that is worth about 4¢, and a ten Frank note that is worth about 20¢. The Luxembourg ten Franc is worth about 25¢, and the German Mark is about 20¢.

The picture that I am sending was taken just outside of Criel France. We went for a bike ride one afternoon, and took several pictures, but this is about the only one that came out good, and it is not so hot. We took some more pictures this afternoon, and I will send them to  you if they are good. It takes a long time to get them developed, so I don't know when you will get them.

Daddy, how would you like to have a Lugar Pistol? They are pretty hard to get, but if I can find one, I am going to get if for you to add to your collection. They are really nice little guns, and are pretty rare back in the states. I think that I could get an old German Rifle, but they are not much good for anything but to just look at.

Anna Ruth, I don't know much about perfume, but I am sending you a bottle. I hope it is the kind that you like. One of the boys that thinks he knows it said it is good, and I just took his word for it. I got it back in Paris, and just haven't mailed it as yet, but intend to mail it right away.

There will be a little surprise package with you glasses Mother. I like to let you guess. What do you want that you think I could get over here?

I called up the boys in the 859th yesterday. They are up in Germany now, but several of them said that they were going to try to get a pass and come down to see me. They don't like it up there, because there is nothing to do. This is a nice place to take a pass to, and I am sure they will enjoy it here if they do come down.

I still wonder what has happened to William Derrick. Have you heard anything from him? I use to hear from him pretty often, but it has been a long time now since I have heard from him.

So you got your teeth pulled Mother. I guess it was the best thing to do. I was getting tired of seeing you not be able to eat, and when you get use to the teeth, they will be a lot better I am sure.

Taxes are getting to be something back there now aren't they? That is a good check you are pulling in anyway though isn't it Pop?

I looked everywhere for something for Martha, and haven't found anything that I like. I am going to find something real nice to send to her before I leave this place though. Rather than trying to find something childish, I think I will look for something she would like later on. I never did get the other pictures that you were going to send to me. Did you send them?

Since the time that I stated this letter, I have covered several miles. All of the officers around here decided to go swimming, so they got a British Car, something like our station wagon, and I drove them out to the pool. Another officer had to catch a plane, and there was not a driver around, so I had to drive out to the port, which is about 15 miles out of town. The old car got pretty hot, so I had to stop her, and fill it up with water, and they take off again. I have drive quite a bit lately. Just short little runs that I ask to drive. I drove down to the station the other day to pick up an officer that was coming in to do some work for us, and when I started to start the thing, it wouldn't turn over. We traced the wires around and found that the batter wire had slipped off, se we finally got going again.

Just had another interruption. I was tracking some reports today I mean yesterday, and they started to call in and report today why the reports were not in. I have just had two calls all the way across German, and it was just as plain as it would be to call from Paynes Drug Store to our home. Some of the lines are very bad though, and you have to holler as loud as you can, and still can't hear them sometimes. I had one of the officers on a spot, and you should have heard him. He was making all kind of excuses, and they were all pretty silly. They try to be pretty nice when they come in here from the field, because we can sure throw them a lot of work, and really get them screwed up if they are of the wrong kind.

It is time for chow now, and I am going downtown tonight, so I will close for this time. Write soon, and,

Love always,