Letter No. 126 | Thursday July 5, 1945

Cpl. George Dicus 34700627
Hq & Hq Sq (Signal Section)
IX Air Force Service Command
APO 149, c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

Mr. L. H. Dicus
Scottsboro, Alabama

V-Mail Service
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
July 5, 1945

Dearest Folks,

It has been about four or five days since I received a letter from you, but thought I would write a short V-Mail anyway. 

How was the fourth at home this year? It was pretty nice here. They had two parades. In the afternoon, the Army presented the Luxembourg army the American flag, and in return, they decorated our General, and a couple more of the big shot officers here. It was pretty nice and I enjoyed it much more, because all of us didn't have to parade, and I was one of those lucky ones that got off to stand on the side line, and watch the rest of them sweat in the sun. The Luxembourg Army is very small, but they are really on the ball. The only thing that they do is drill all day, so they are pretty much up on it. They have a big bugle corps, and they had ribbons tied on the bugles, and did a fancy parade. They are also pretty fancy with the manual of arms. As for the Americans, the main thing they are interested in is just to get out there, and get the thing over with as soon as possible. Surprising enough though, they did a good job yesterday, and looked a lot better than usual.

We have been pretty busy here in the office today. Some of our units are getting ready to be redeployed, and it takes a lot of work getting getting everything cleared for them to take off. Won't be long before they are back in the States, but they will have to look forward to a much longer trip. There will be advantages to either side of it, but it looks as though without out choice, I will be staying around here for some time yet. 

Oh yes, I almost forgot to tell you about the fire works that we had last night. Some of the boys got some flares, and fired them about 11 o'clock last night. They really did light up the sky, and were very pretty. I have seen fireworks on each fourth since I have been here. Last year I was in England, and the Buzz Bombs were coming over thick and heavy. They were throwing up everything they could at them, and the sky was full of red tracer bullets.

I am going to try to get a three day pass to Brussels in about a week. The boys that have been up there on a pass say that it is really nice. I haven't put in for the furlough as yet, but think that I will soon.

I am going to help them out downtown in the enlisted men's club tonight. I will sell ice cream I guess. 

Take care of yourselves and write soon and often.

Love always,