Letter No. 10 | Sunday March 7, 1943

Army Air Forces Technical School
Seymour Johnson Field, North Carolina

Sunday March 7, 1943

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

I finally got some mail from you yesterday. I got one mailed to Atlantic City, and one mailed here. It had been over a week since I had heard from you, and I really was glad to get the letters.

Boy! Have I been a big shot here. I am acting drill master, and have the best drilled squad on the drill field that we go to. I count off a cadence for them that is so fast that they have to stay on their toes to keep up with. I know some fancy marine drills, and taught those to them. The commanding officer of 798 watched us drill the other day for a long time. He told us that we were doing fine.

I have an idea that we will be shipped out of here the first of this week to school. It is possible that we might go tomorrow in fact. All details have been canceled so something is up. I will be glad to be stationed, and get started to work.

I forgot to tell you, I am the only boy out of my barracks that has not had detail of some kind. D.M. is not so bad.

I thought Anna Ruth would be there longer than she was. I am going to write to her tomorrow if I don’t get shipped. I know you had a good time while she was there. When this mess is all cleared up we will all get together, and do something.

I wish you would send me Bill’s and Erskin’s address again. I lost them, and want to write to them. You might also send me William Derrick’s if you can get it handy.

It was a little bit cold here the first of the week, but is just like spring now. It is nice to feel warm weather again.

I haven’t gotten my pen yet but I guess I will get it pretty soon.

What kind of job is starting at Knoxville that you are going to try to get on Daddy? That would be a pretty nice place to work I bet.

It is very nice here now. They won’t let us go to Goldsboro, but I think it is a small place. They have shows on the post and social centers for entertainment. We have a pretty good time around here.

i will let you know if I get shipped just as soon as I get stationed. Write real son and tell me what is going on.

Love always,

I haven’t been payed yet. You might advance me $2, but no more. I will get payed sometime I know.