Letter No. 11 | Tuesday March 9, 1943

Army Air Forces Technical School
Seymour Johnson Field, NC

Tuesday March 9, 1943

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

Well I am still here, and I will probably be here a long time yet. That was just a rumor that we were to leave the other day.

I got both of your letters yesterday, and I enjoyed them a lot. In fact a letter from home is always good.

I wrote Anna Ruth today, and told her what I thought of her for not writing to me. I haven't written to her personally, but I thought she read the letters I wrote to all of you while she was there.

Nothing is happening around here. We are still drilling every day, waiting for shipment.

I haven’t gotten the pen yet, but I think I will get it pretty soon.

I think we will get $15 tomorrow. I owe part of that, but the rest sure will come in handy. I will be glad when they start paying me my regular salary.

I don’t know any news but will write more later.

Lots of love,