Letter No. 12 | Thursday March 11, 1943

798th T.S.S. Bks. T1555
Seymour Johnson Field
North Carolina

Thursday March 11, 1943

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

I got a break this morning. All of  my men were put on detail. I think they put them to cutting wood. They can’t give me detail, so I am in the orderly room sitting around doing nothing. I was glad to get the rest. It gets tiresome hollering your lungs out all day long. Everyone in here is cleaning up but me. They can’t make the D.M’s. (drill masters)

The weather here is fine now. It is hot during the day, and is cool at night. We are pretty lazy now after coming from a cold place to a warm climate, makes you a little bit drowsy.

I talked too soon. When I started this letter I was taking it easy. A Lieutenant came in and told all of the clerks that they would have to go out and drill, because we were having an inspection or something. They were really hard to handle. They didn’t know much, and cared less. I gave them trouble, and we got along pretty good finally. It is very hot here, and a lot of them are getting lazy.

I got a letter from you today, and one from Anna Ruth. The one from here came from A.C. (Atlantic City), and was dated Feb 25. A lot of the mail hasn’t gotten here yet. I don’t know why you haven’t been hearing from me. I have been writing to you a lot. The mail to and from here is very slow.

Anna Ruth said she had an awful nice time while she was home. She said everyone was awful nice to her.

It is time for me to get the boys in formation to go to dinner.

Lots of love,