Letter No. 5 | Monday February 8, 1943

(Letter from George's sister, Anna Ruth)
McAlpin Hotel
Tenth Street at Chestnut
Philadelphia, PA

Monday February 8, 1943

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

I know you’d be anxious for news of George, so I’m writing right after breakfast.

We got to Atlantic City at 2 o’clock yesterday. We left home at 10 and made direct connections everywhere – changed in Newark and North Philadelphia. George met us at the station. His uniform looks good on him and fits nicely. He was on K.P. for oversleeping one morning, but he got another boy to take his place.

The hotels are all filled with soldiers, and you couldn’t get even standing room in the USO places. We walked almost down the board walk and then got on the street car and rode to Ocean City – about a one-hour ride. We turned the seats together and had a good warm place to visit. We got off over there and had something to drink – Coca-Cola, sodas, etc. and then rode back.

Then we went to a real good place to eat, had a big dinner and sat around and visited until about 8:30. Our train left at 8:55, and George had to be back in by 9:30, so it worked out fine. We walked by George’s hotel and then came on.

George had a cold but I got him a bottle of Creo-Terpin as soon as I got there and made him start taking it, and he seemed to be a lot better when we left.

He says they have good food and all they want to eat. They can go back for seconds as long as they can hold it.

His hotel is on the board walk, quite large, and very pretty. You look right out into the ocean. It’s really a beautiful view – and a stiff gale blows all the time. It’s warmer than Morristown, but much windier.

I took George a box of candy, soldiers buttons and soldiers postcards. He said he was getting along fine and didn’t need anything.

He says that he has 2 buddies – one from Mobile, Alabama and one from south Georgia.

He’s definitely classed for clerical work, and says he expects to be on some college campus studying again shortly. He was disgusted, I think, but I think it’s a fine break. They’ll probably teach him bookkeeping and things that he can certainly use later  if he should ever want to go into business. Also, he’ll be pretty safe, I think.

They cut all the boys hair to 1/2-inch the head, and they look like skinned rabbits.

I never saw so many soldiers in my life. They were playing baseball, frolicking around, and having a good time. Lots of families were there visiting – walking on the board walk.

I guess that's about all I noticed. By the way, don’t tell George I said anything about the K.P. It doesn’t amount to anything. Half of them are on it and swap around to relieve each other.

I was so sorry to read in the paper that Redwing was sick. Does she have T.B.? Paul says her brother died with it.

Are you all right?

We’re still planning to come home – maybe leave here the 18th so we can get in on Friday night. Let you know for sure later.

We’ll I’ve had breakfast and done a little window shopping. We’re leaving shortly after lunch.

Got letters from Bill and Erskin. Neither said much.

Write soon.

Lots of love,
Anna Ruth