Letter No. 17 | Saturday April 3, 1943

Army Administration School
Enlisted Branch No. 3
Brookings, South Dakota

Saturday April 3, 1943

Dear Mother and Daddy,

We got started this morning. They gave us a lecture on how to study, and we have the first opening exercise in about 20 minutes.

I guess you can see by this stationary that I am not in clerical school. We are going to get in 8 weeks what they did give in 6 months. In other words we are going to work. If you don't hear from me for a few days at a time you will know that I am busy. We will have enough work to take take care of us all the time.

All of the boys here have at least a high school education, and the majority have been to college. There are several with masters degrees. There is one fellow who just finished law school next door to me.

The food is very good here, and we have student (girls) waitresses. They say this is the healthiest bunch that has come here. I feel fine, and am ready to go to work.

We have a big inspection in a few minutes, so I must quit and get ready for it. I will be busy until 9:30 and it is 1:00 now.

I like it fine here, and I think I am lucky. I should have a good chance for promotion if I can make the grade.

Lots of love,