Letter No. 19 | Sunday April 18, 1943

Army Administration School
Enlisted Branch No. 3
Brookings, South Dakota

Sunday Morning
April 18, 1943

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

I have just gotten back from church. About 50 of us went over in a group to the Nonsectarian Church. They don't have a Chaplain here, but the different pastors take time about from the local churches.

I am still awfully busy. We had the second test yesterday (75 long questions). I made 86 on the first one we got back. I think I did pretty good on the second one.

I will be Student Company Commander next week.

Monday afternoon...

I am awfully busy. Class work is getting tougher and tougher. We don't have time to breath.

Everything is fine though. I am gaining weight and get good food but don't understand how.

It is pretty warm here now, but not warm enough to go without a coat.

We have about 5 hrs work to do tonight in one part not section not counting the others, and have to line up all the men in Co. A to draw some equipment so I must get started.

I will write a long letter as soon as I get time. I am enjoying reading your letters.

Lots of love,