Letter No. 21 | Tuesday April 27, 1943

Army Administration School
Enlisted Branch No. 3
Brookings, South Dakota

Tuesday April 27, 1943

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

Time is clipping right off. Have been here 3 weeks, and only have 5 more to go. I am back in the ranks this week for the first time since I have been here. I like it a lot better too. It gives me a little more time for myself, and I am not out chasing someone down. It was hard work, but it was good experience.

The work gets harder and harder, but we are getting use to it a little bit now. I made 46.4 words per min. in typing yesterday.

It has been warmer here, but it has turned cold again. It has been trying to snow all day. I like cooler weather though you don't feel so sluggish.

I am sending you some small pictures we took around the campus, the train we came in on, and a picture of my home. [NOTE: The photos mentioned were not in the envelope with this letter. I seem to recall some photos from South Dakota in the box of family photos my sister has, so I'll ask her to look for them.]

I got a nice box of candy from Anna Ruth this afternoon. It is pretty good. The food is so good here, that you don't care for sweets. We had a wonderful meal tonight. I had a least three-quarter pounds of the best steak I have ever seen. It is good every meal, and we can have all we want. I weigh about 165 now.

A big bunch of students went out this morning. I think a bunch of boys that I know from N.C. will be here the last of the week.

I don't think that I told you that I took out a bond allotment. I get a bond every three months. They will take out $6.25 out of my pay each mo., and they will send the bond home to you. That will leave me with almost the same as I did get before I made Pfc. You know, I get $4 more a moth now.

[NOTE: He made a mistake at the top of the second page, scratched through it and made a note to his parents apologizing but noting that it was the last clean piece of letterhead that he had to write on.]

We had Calisthenics, Morning Reports, Pay and Allowances, Property Accounting, Mil. Correspondence, Drill, Pay Vouchers, Allotments, Typewriting, and Military Courtesy today. We had three 15 exams today, and take the final test on Mil. Correspondence tomorrow. We have a different subject every 3 or 4 days except for the big subjects like Mil. Correspondence, and we are supposed to know everything about it.

The people in this town have an awfully high opinion of soldiers. They are all mighty nice to us.

I went to the Sunrise Service Sunday. It was very nice. We had planned to stay for the next service, but the boy that went with me got sick, so we came on back, and I studied most of the day. I had a date with a very pretty co-ed Saturday night. We went to the show, and then on out and bowled the rest of the night. We had a lot of fun. She lives here, and is going to school.

I think I will do a little bit of work now. I don't intend to hurt myself tonight, but I am going to stud some anyway.

Write soon.

Lots of love,