Letter No. 22 | Tuesday May 4, 1943

Co "A" AAS R132
Branch #3 Class #5
Army Administration School
Brookings, South Dakota

Tuesday May 4, 1943

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

Having tests right and left. I think I am doing O.K. on them, but it is keeping me pretty busy.

I got a letter from Anna Ruth [his sister] today, and she seemed awfully glad you are coming to see her mother.

My feet have not given me any trouble in the least since I have been in the army. I am in perfect health, and feel fine.

We get payed the last day of every month.

The pen you sent me went to the bad, so I bought a lifetime Parker. $6 for a $8.75 pen to soldiers at the P.T. I have to use it a lot, and it comes in very nice.

Putting in a picture Kitz [Pfc. Arnold R. Kitzmiller] and I had made when we got our stripes. Silly isn't it.

I am sending $5 with this letter.

I must go to work now.

My love,