Letter No. 23 | Tuesday May 18, 1943

Co "A" AAS R132
Branch #3 Class #5
Army Administration School
Brookings, South Dakota

Tuesday May 18, 1943

Dearest Mother and Anna Ruth,

Well, how do you like New Jersey and New York now? I know you are having a swell time, and I sure am glad. Don't let them kid you though mother. It gets pretty cold there in the winter months.

I have been awfully busy lately. We are doing the practical work now, and taking one quiz after another. One week from today, we will be all through here, and will be getting ready to pull out Wed. I don't have any idea where I will go, or when I will get settled. They may run us around for a week or so before we finally get stationed. We will all go out out of here together, and be split up and sent around most anywhere from there. Don't worry that you might not be there but I might get a chance to come home though mother. I won't have a chance to get away for a month or so now.

I got a letter from Daddy yesterday. He said he was getting along just fine, and was awfully glad you took the trip mother. He said he was going to Chattanooga, and thought he would go to work soon. He said he wishes I was there to go fishing with him. I would like to be home, but he has forgotten that I don't fish.

It is very pretty here now. We have even been going without a jacket for the past few days. I hope I go south, and then I will be wearing sun tan cloth I guess. I am pretty tired of wool now.

We signed the payroll tonight, but it won't be a full payment. I think we will just get $15. I still have money from last time though.

I am going to have to cut this letter short, because i have too much work to get up tonight. I will write again before I leave here though.

Don't write me after Thursday, because there is no telling when I would get it if you do. I will write to you every chance I get after we get going, but don't worry if you don't hear. Sometimes they won't let you write at all you know.

Have a good time, and stay a long time. Everything is O.K., so enjoy yourself mother.

Lots of love,