Letter No. 24 | Sunday May 30, 1943

865th Chemical Co., Air Ops.
Army Air Base
Reno, Nevada

Sunday May 30, 1943

Dear Daddy

Here I am all the way across the U.S. It is not so bad though, because I am hooked up with a good branch (Chemical Warfare), and I will be here for permanent party, and some of the boys that went out the same time I did will be going across pretty soon.

This place is pretty good. We are 14 miles from Reno, down in a little hollow that is completely surrounded by snow capped mountains. We are still in the dessert where all the sand blows, but it is still cold.

I am sleeping in a hanger now, and am cold. I am going to write mother a note and go to bed.

I will write you about the trip later and what I will be doing.