Letter No. 25 | Sunday May 30, 1943

865th Chemical Co., Air Ops.
Army Air Base
Reno, Nevada

Dear Mother and Anna Ruth,

I am just writing to tell you everything is O.K. even though I am a long way from home. Part of the group that went out the same time I did are going overseas pretty soon and I have been stationed.

This is a nice place, 14 miles from Reno. I am in Chemical Warfare, and I like it. I have a good place to work and feel fine. That is about all I know about the place yet.

I am sleeping in a hanger tonight, and it is cold, so I am going to bed. I will tell you all about the trip as soon as I get a chance. It was very nice, and we saw several interesting things.

Stay as long as you want to Mother, and have a good time. I will be home in about two months I hope.


[NOTE: He apparently thought his mother was still visiting his sister in Morristown, New Jersey but she must have returned home because his sister forwarded the letter to the parents in Scottsboro, Alabama with a personal note of her own written on the back of his letter. That note follows below.]

Tell the boys to be real good. I hope they have a good time and enjoy everything.

Will mail this at noon as I go to town. Got your post card this morning.

Write soon -

A.R. [Anna Ruth]