Letter No. 26 | Saturday June 5, 1943

865th Chemical Co., Air Ops.
Army Air Base
Reno, Nevada

Saturday June 5, 1943

Saturday Afternoon

Dearest Mother,

How does it feel to be back in Scottsboro after seeing the big lights? I am very glad you did go and I know you did have a good time. When the war is over, we will all take a long trip together won't? How do the boys like Scottsboro? Tell them to just spend the summer and maybe I will get home sometime to see them.

We went out on a biovac the first of the week for 2 days. We had loads of fun, and there was not much work to it. We loaded two spray tanks with F.M. gas which was very interesting. The rest of the stay was like a picnic except for a little march we took one afternoon. We went way up into the mountains. I don't know just how we did get, but it was awfully high. It was pretty cold too, and I could a little cold and had a little fever but I am O.K. now.

I don't think we will go into the office for a little while yet. The Co. is very small at present but a group of men will be in very soon. We will be going to Chemical Warfare and rill some.

A boy lives in the same barracks with me that lives in north Georgia. We are going to put in for a furlough together pretty soon. I am going to save my money, and be ready when the time comes. I am afraid it will be about two months before I will get one though.

Send me daddy's address. I want to write to him. I didn't write to him but one time while you were in N.J. I meant to all the time, but you know how bad I am about writing letters, and I was pretty busy then too.

s good here and I am gaining weight. The mess hall is across the street from my barracks. The main Post Exchange just behind, and the post theater at the side about half a block, so you see I have a swell place. The show only costs .15¢ too.

It has rained most all day today, and it snowed yesterday. The ground was we, so it didn't stick. It is still warm enough here though. I think it is because of the high mountains around that cause all of the crazy weather.

I can't think of any more news just now so I think I will stroll over to the P.X. for a .10¢ milkshake , and mail this letter.

Lots of love,