Letter No. 28 | Friday June 18, 1943

Pfc. George H Dicus
865th Chemical Co., Air Ops.
Army Air Base
Reno, Nevada

Friday June 18, 1943

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

I think it is too bad about Bill. I have heard a lot about the way the cadets are trained though, and with just a few bad breaks you can get chucked out on your ears. I guess when he was sick he had a tough time getting started again. If he really wants to be commissioned he will get a chance later on. Sometimes I think I will try for Officers Training School, but I don't guess I will for a little while yet. I really don't know whether I even want to be commissioned or not.

Reno is the nearest town to this base. It is 14 miles, but we can go in on the bus for .20¢. I have only been to town one time since I have been here. I don't know why I don't go except that I just don't seem to care about going. You can usually find something to do here, even though it may be the show, post exchange, and etc. I like this place though. I am very lucky I guess. I have enjoyed every place I have been. Maybe it is because I am easily contented, but if it is, I am glad I am that way.

I won't be on this base much longer. In fact we are getting packed now. It may be a month or s, but we will get away sometime. I might even have a chance to come south. There is a chemical warfare outfit in Augusta, GA, and another in Gadsden. We will probably go to San Francisco, California though. I am hoping for the best, but will just have to wait. No Mother, I don't have the slightest chance to go overseas for a long time yet. The company I am in is about half strength now. In other words it does not have but about half the men to fill up the Co. and it does not have the equipment necessary for a hot company. It would take at least 6 months or a year to get ready, and you know it would take a long time then to get us off even though they were ready to push us out. Don't worry about us being sent overseas. The reason for us moving away from this base is that this field was at one time for the cadets training. The field was condemned on account of a large amount of air pockets around and the inexperienced pilots were cracking up too much. The conditions seem to be better now, and they are going to open it up again.

I have heard from William [I think he's talking about William Derrick] a few times. He is about 700 miles from here, and we may try to get 3 day passes and meet somewhere sometime.

I won't have a chance to get a furlough until I get to my next station, but I am sure going to get one then, or know the reason why.

There were 31 boys that came here with me from Brookings, of course they are scattered all over the base though. This is a small place though, and I see all of the very often. I have a very good friend though that was in the group. Our beds are next together, and we have a good time running around together. I like all of the boys here.

I am glad the boys [he is talking about his sister's step sons who are visiting the family in Alabama] are having a good time. I must quit now and go to bed.

Love always,