Letter No. 29 | Monday June 28, 1943

Pfc. George H Dicus
865th Chemical Co., Air Ops.
Army Air Base
Reno, Nevada

Monday June 28, 1943

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

I might as well start off with my troubles right at the first, but I really hat to, because there is nothing wrong, and I am afraid you will worry when there is no reason to. i am in the Hospital. I came in with a sore tongue about three days ago. It is completely O.K. now. They gave me a physical though, and noticed a slight touch of blood in my urine. They kept me here and have given me dozens of x-rays. The only thing that they could see is that it might move just a little bit. [maybe he's talking about a kidney stone, as he also had a kidney stone in high school] That is not serious even though it does, and they don't even know that. They are sending me over to the general hospital in Modesto, Cal., and there they have the equipment, and experts that can show anything that could be wrong with me. They just don't take chances. They have got to find the trouble if possible. I don't guess I should even tell you about this, and I wouldn't if I thought you would worry about it. I feel fine, have never had the slightest pain in my back since I have been in the army, and I don't think anything could possibly be wrong with me. When something gets wrong with me, you can rest assured that I will tell you about it right off. I won't have it any other way than for you to believe this. I swear it is true.

My Company is moving out Saturday for Fresno, California. I think I told you that the air corp. is taking this post over. I am really glad. I strictly don't like the idea of being in a dessert. Everyone seems to like Fresno. They say the weather is fine there, and it is a small base and the people are very nice to soldiers. Modesto is 80 miles from Fresno, so I won't have any trouble getting there after I have been examined. I really don't know what kind of work I will be doing when I get there, and really , I don't care. If I am on the outside I won't mind a bit. It is much easier to get a rating, and you know, I never liked to stay inside very much.

Mother, Chemical warfare is not dangerous. In fact, we don't fool with gas very often. When we do, every protective measure is taken, and it would be impossible to get hurt even though some of it did get away. I like it better and better every day.

I forgot to tell you, I got to go out of here most every day. I went to the show Saturday night, church Sunday morning, 3 hr pass Sunday afternoon and to show Sunday night. The rest of the time I just lay around and read. It may be two weeks before I am sent down there. They just have to wait until there is an opening.

I am glad you are working close to home daddy. You just take it easy and don't let "Pat." [not sure who Pat. is] pull anything over on you. Say, I think I would enjoy a little fishing when I get home. Do you think we could catch some fish?

I guess my furlough will come up in August. I might even get there in time for my birthday. I am sure checking out when they let me go.

Remember now, I feel fine, and there is no use to think I am sick, because I am not.

Write to me soon and tell me how you and the boys are doing.

Love always,