Letter No. 30 | Tuesday June 29, 1943

Pfc. George H Dicus
865th Chemical Co., Air Ops.
Army Air Base
Reno, Nevada

Tuesday June 29, 1943

Dear Mother and Daddy,

I have just gotten your letter that was written Thursday, and am answering right back.

I read in the County paper about Sara Campbell being operated on. I guess they think the Dicus' like flowers. I wired roses, and you sent gladiolas. I don't write to her very often now, but we are still friends. I write to Mary Nell Chiles [he married her 7 years later in 1950] sometimes, and you know how bade I hate to write, so I don't feel like writing to anyone but you outside of M.N.

I am still just sitting around here. Can't tell how long it will be. I don't even take pills. In fact, I just sit. They couldn't get me a pass this afternoon. The ward Dr. tried, so I am not mad. He is getting one for me for tomorrow.

I can imagine how much the boys are liking the Bible School. Can you understand them or do they have a brogue?

We had a little school on chemical warfare, but most of the work was getting ready to move before I came here. I worked in the office some, and other times just did odd jobs.

It is pretty hot here now, but it is very pleasant on the side porch here. I am going out and see if I can get a little tan. I guess I will blister, but won't stay long.

I hope to get out of here soon. I heard that I was about to make corporal, and I want to get back and see if I can get the extra stripe.

Write soon.