Letter No. 39 | Sunday September 12, 1943

Pfc. George Dicus
865th Chemical Co. A.O.
AAF Fresno BTC
Fresno 2, Calif.

Sunday September 12, 1943

Dearest Pop,

You know daddy, I have wanted to write to you several times, and discuss things with you that I wouldn't want mother to see. Not anything important, but just the little trifle things that come up and don't amount to anything, that would make mother get excited.

Right now, I am pretty much disgusted. I have been up for a rating for some time now, and was expecting it to come through most any time. I have worked hard, and have soldiered for them, and they said I had it coming. There had been plenty of ratings open in the Co. and we were expecting a bunch of rookies. We got the new men alright, but most of them have their arms loaded down with stripes. We have too many rated men now, so you can see where that leaves me.

I am going to try to get out of this branch now. It is tough going and a slow job, but in time I think I can do it. Chemical Warfare is no good anyway. It is known for pulling the details for the army. I think I will try for arial gunnery. I know it is filled up and will be pretty hard to get in, but still it is worth the try. I don't want you to think, but I am not looking for the soft spots in the army. Still, I am not going to push myself overseas, or to the tougher places. I think I know what gunnery is, because I have been thinking about it, and looking into it since I have been in the army. It is a good place daddy, and if I should get in, I would be lucky.

We were out on the Rifle Range last week. I qualified as a marksman. I would have liked to have gotten sharpshooter, but it was pretty tough that day. We shot for record. The wind was blowing pretty tough, and we were firing the old Infield Rifle, and I guess you know that it is not quiet as good as the Springfield. I got 159 though, and that is only 11 points from sharpshooter. We hiked back 36 miles to camp Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning. We set up our Bivouac area in a cow pasture Friday night, and was it hot there.

I like California alright. In fact, I have liked every place I have been so far alright. Fresno is a nice town though, and everyone likes it here.

Physical Training is O.K., but I am still in the Co. They just sent me down there to work. When they pull out of here I will go with them. I will tell you one thing though. This is the first time in my life I have been in top notch shape. We really put it on to the boys dad. I can take it all day long, and out of the different hour classes I give, sometimes one half of them drop out. I like that work, but I don't guess it will be permanent.

I am glad mother got to go up to see Anna Ruth. I know she wanted to go, and Anna Ruth was probably very glad that she could come. Are those boys really part Chinamen, or did they just say that they were?

I guess the building at Stevenson is getting into the finishing work b y now isn't it? How much longer do you think it will take to put it up?

After this war is over daddy, we will get into something. I don't know what. What do you think you would like? I know we can make a go at something though.

Write me real soon when you get time, because I always enjoy your letters.

Love always,

P.S. If I were you, I would just tear this up, and don't tell mother what I am trying to get in.