Letter No. 40 | Sunday September 12, 1943

Pfc. George Dicus
865th Chemical Co. A.O.
AAF Fresno BTC
Fresno 2, Calif.

Sunday September 12, 1943

Dearest Mother and Anna Ruth,

First, I must tell you about the hottest, driest, and dustiest place I have ever been, and that is none other than the Army Rifle Range 36 miles north of Fresno. Anyway, we were out there from Monday to Saturday of this week, and it was no fun. I did a little better than I expected on firing though. I qualified as a marksman with a score of 159. That is only 11 points from sharpshooter. We really didn't have a very good chance though, because there was a big wind when we shot and that makes it pretty hard. Of course we had to walk back. Started Friday afternoon, and pitched camp in a big cow pasture that was literally covered with prairie dog holes. We finally got back to camp yesterday about 10 A.M.

When we got back, the new men we were expecting were here. They are not the rookies we were expecting to get, but instead, they are all old men, and most of them have stripes. That makes it look pretty bad for that rating I was expecting to get.

I sure would like to see the baby now, but maybe I can see her before too long. There is still the old rumor going around that they will pull us out of here sometime soon. I still like California, but it would be nice if I could get nearer home.

I got a letter from Bill today. He seems to like S.D. pretty good.

I think I will go to bed now, and be ready to give the rookies a good workout in the morning. You won't think I am the same person when I get home, because I am getting into the habit of going to bed early.

Write to me real soon.

Love always,

P.S. I can't get an Air Mail stamp tonight, so there is no telling when you will get this letter.