Letter No. 42 | Thursday September 23, 1943

Pfc. George Dicus
859th Chemical Co. A.O. (M&H)
AAF Fresno BTC
Fresno 2, Calif.

Thursday September 23, 1943

Dearest Mother and Anna Ruth,

It is the same old story, we don't know what is happening, but things are popping fast around here. As I told you, my old Company broke up, and I am in the 859th. We are not getting ready as fast as I thought we might, but we will probably get across sometime within the next 2 or 3 months. I was lucky to get sent to this Company. All the boys here are young, and we are real huskies. Some of the groups in my Company are going right away, and a lot of old men are in with them. I don't have a change for a furlough just now, but in about a month, it is probable that we will be somewhere on the East coast, and I will have a good chance from there. I would like to go home, but if I don't, we will just have to say that it is one of those things. If we should go over, we have an idea where it would be. I know that we won't be seeing action. These Companies never do, so there is no use worrying if anything should pop up. Really I am looking forward to it. Of course you realize that this is all strictly to ourselves. We don't talk about these things, so mum is the word. I have a lot of good experience lately, and really there is nothing to it. They have every safety precaution in the world, and nothing could happen. I really enjoy this type of work now.

Nothing new has happened and we can't get off the post. I will write when I can think of something to say.

How is that little girl doing? I sure would like to see her.

Love always,