Letter No. 44 | Friday October 15, 1943

[Letter from George's sister, Anna Ruth Dicus Campbell]
14 Tuxedo Pl.
Morristown, N.J.

October 15, 1943

Friday night–

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

Well, Paul just came in. When I told him George was coming home, he said of course he wanted me to go and would call N.Y. and make reservations for me and the baby. However, Dr. Ferriss says that that long trip is awfully hard on her – feeding her, etc., exposing her, and she would be better off leaving her with someone. She also said she would be in town all the time while I was gone and would come if anything got wrong.

Mrs. Riley is on a case – at Elsies and we have a regular child nurse. She's highly recommended by Dr. Ferriss and Mrs. Horne, who runs the children's home. She will come for $35 per week, and I'm sure she's fine. Paul will be here at night, too, of course. So, I feel that Martha is better off at home until next spring. We're sure going to bring her down then.

It is just come without her or not come. I know she's better off here, and I know you understand. I just can't bring her by myself. Paul is awfully busy now and can't get away.

I want you to make a reservation for me on the train for Saturday night on the "Tennessean." That way, I'll be in Sunday night and can sleep until noon Monday. I imagine that is about as long as George can stay, and I should come on back then, too. It will be so good to all be together, even if it is for only a short time.

Don't tell George I'm coming – let's surprise him!!

See you soon if everything goes O.K. here – if not, will wire any change of plan.

Lots of love,
Anna Ruth

P.S. Plan to leave here Tuesday A.M. arriving there Wednesday at 10 o'clock A.M.