Letter No. 45 | Tuesday November 2, 1943

Pfc. George Dicus
859th Chemical Co. A.O. (M&H)
AAF Fresno BTC
Fresno 2, Calif.

Tuesday November 2, 1943

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

I had a very nice trip back with the exceptions of a couple of lay overs. I had 14 hours in Memphis, and about 7 in Kansas City. I got here Sunday at 1:40 A.M. I enjoyed being home a lot, and the train rides were not too bad.

I got back at a bad time though. The Company was having an inspection on Monday by a General, and everything had to be perfect. I got my stuff all fixed up though and passed O.K. We started back into the old routine today, and I am glad.

They called all the new men out for dental appointments this morning, and there was nothing wrong with my teeth, so I am getting a little time off waiting on some of the other boys to come back.

Everything seems to be very peaceful now, and we don't know when, or if we will ship out. Maybe we will sometime though.

The mornings are pretty cool out here, but it warms up and is very nice up in the day. They say the rainy season should start soon. I hope not though.

I got a letter from William Derrick, and he is still in the dessert, and will probably be there another month. I think he will be pretty glad to get away from there. I think we are going to miss that stuff. The Company went up to Fort Ord and fired the big guns while I was gone, and they also went out for 3 days and lived on K rations while I was gone. I wouldn't have minded going up to Ord, but I was glad to miss the other trip.

I don't know how true it is, but they tell me that I will probably get another furlough before we go over. That will be nice, but I don't suppose that will be for a long time now anyway.

I had just enough cash to get me back. That sounds like a lot of cash, but things are awfully high on the train. I got paid, and am going to send some money home a little bit later.

The boys are coming back now, so we will be falling out in a few minutes, so I will write again soon.

Love always,