Letter No. 53 | Wednesday December 22, 1943

[Letter from George's sister, Anna Ruth Dicus Campbell]
14 Tuxedo Pl.
Morristown, N.J.

Wednesday December 22, 1943

Dearest Mother,

Good news again! George came last night from 5:30 P.M. until 8:15. It wasn't much of a stay, but we had such a good time. I fixed a nice supper for Paul, George, and I and we ate together upstairs. Paul is in bed and awfully weak but hasn't had any fever since Sunday.

George Meant to write you while he was out, but the time slipped away. He asked me to tell you he had mailed your picture home because he wasn't allowed to take big pictures across. He would also like for you to send his wallet to him. He says all the mail is censored, and he hates to write anything real person when he knows it's going to be censored by someone who works right alongside him, so I told him I'd write you for us both.

He called me Saturday night from N.Y. and said he had a pass for Sunday and would be out. I was so happy, and I got up early and got everything cleaned nice, decorated the table, got out the best silver and china, and fixed a big banana pudding, a big roast beef, sweet potatoes with raisins and pecans, carrots, baked potatoes, lettuce salad, etc. I had everything so nice, and he didn't come. He said some of the men's wives who hadn't yet had passes came in, and they gave his pass to one of them.

He came "unannounced" last night, but I very hastily fixed up a good supper, anyway and had a good time.

The children think George is wonderful, and he said he thought they were nice, too. He was certainly fascinated by the baby. He got here both times while she was awake.

George said he had made a $25 per mo. allotment to take care of his debts, etc.

He's working in the office and said there were some of the dumbest WACS around that he ever saw. He said he didn't particularly like it, but he as least didn't have to do K.P. duty!!

He said he thoroughly saw N.Y. Saturday night. They had a boy from N.Y. with them, and they went all over town and had a good time.

He looks good – weighs 178 lbs. and has another short hair cut. He had on "long-handles" to keep warm and seemed in very good spirits.

He can only get a 12 hour pass at the time – so it's hard to have much time here, but he's coming back whenever he can. He doesn't know when they'll sail nor when he'll get another pass. I'll stick around, though, in case he comes back.

Paul is O.K. now except that he's very weak. He had 104° fever Saturday and was awfully sick. The flu is light, but it does leave you weak. However, it isn't the same kind they had the last war. The rest of us are fine – slight colds but nothing resembling flu. Robin is the only member of the family without a little cold, but the rest of us are O.K. Baby has a tiny sniffle – sort of stopped up when she wakes. Dr. Ferriss looked her over and says she's perfectly O.K.

We're making big plans for Christmas. Bill and Lillies are coming. We couldn't find a turkey but have a Va. ham and 2 baking chickens. We decided we'd rather let the soldiers have our turkey this year, anyway.

George said they had wonderful food and plenty of it. Said he had so much turkey Thanksgiving that he just staggered out of the mess hall. Turkeys have been selling here at .65¢ per lb., and I went all over town and couldn't find one. Personally, I'd just as soon have the chicken.

Well, it's late, and I must close. I'll let you know when I hear more from George, though.

George gets mail at the address he gave you. My registered letter with the $5 in it had been returned to him before he came here. He wants mail.

Write soon and

Lots and lots of love,
Anna Ruth