Letter No. 58 | Wednesday February 2, 1944

[Letter from George's sister, Anna Ruth Dicus Campbell]
14 Tuxedo Pl.
Morristown, N.J.

Wednesday February 2, 1944

Dearest Mother and Dad,

I have just sent you a telegram saying that I had heard from George. I'm sure you've heard, too, by now. It was dated Jan. 18th and postmarked the 20th. It said:
Dearest Anna Ruth,

By the time you get this you will probably have given up hopes of ever hearing from me again. It has been a long time, hasn't it?

We are stationed somewhere in England. It is very nice here. We live in barracks that are as good as those back in the states.

We have a little stove in our hut and have just made some coffee with the G. Washing [coffee brand] you sent me. The boys said to tell Paul this is certainly good coffee. We get good food even though part of it is dehydrated. We get meat every meal and plenty of it. The coffee is not too good though, so we drink it here at night.

We had a very nice trip across. Of course we were crowded, but we had a good time. The Red Cross workers were aboard, and they furnished entertainment all the way across. I was one of the few that didn't get sick at all. Was I surprised, too. Remembering Daddy saying he got sick every time he went across.

Do you remember the Kirkland boy that used to work at Ed Kennamer's filling station? He was on the same boat. The old Scottsboro boys are scattered all over the world and I guess you might run into anyone here.

We get a big kick out of the English talk. Yes, we are in jolly old England. That we are, that we are. Just wait until I get back to the states and spread a little of that around. If Mary Nell thought I talked like a Yank after being up north for a few months, what will she think when I get back this time?

You should see the bike I ride around. It has real small tires and the brakes are on the handle bars. I ride it back and forth to the P.O. and Headquarters. It saves me a lot of steps.

I haven't got the packages that were sent to me but they will probably catch up sometime.

I will write a V mail letter soon and you can tell me which one you get first.

Take care of yourself and write soon. Tell Martha hello and I will write to the others sometime.

Love always,
Whew!! My arm is tired out. I was so glad to hear that I finished reading the letter and sat down to have a good cry — for joy. Mrs. Dana walked in the back door right in the middle of it! I guess you've heard by now, too.

We took the baby out to lunch yesterday. She was so good.

Friday Mrs. Riley (the nurse) is coming at 8:30 and we are going into N.Y. for dinner and a show. I'm going to shop for shoes and a few things. With these big feet I can't get shoes here.

Paul and I are painting the kitchen and have lots of fun doing it. I don't know how long it will take us, for we just do a little at a time.

I'm going to walk to town and mail this, so must hurry.

Martha is sitting in my lap grabbing at the pen so excuse writing.

Anna Ruth