Letter No. 67 | Friday March 31, 1944

Pfc. George Dicus 34700627
859th Chemical Co. A.O. (M&H) Det "A"
A.P.O. #149
c/o Postmaster, New York, New York

Friday March 31, 1944

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

So you think that I haven't been writing do you? I have written very regular. By now you have probably gotten several letters. There is no telling in what order they might come, or when. If you don't hear from me for several days, you will know that there is a letter on the way some where.

Don't get excited about my APO# changing, because it means nothing. When on group gets too big, it is often divided up.

We are getting along fine. We even have electric lights in some of the tents, and hope to get them here soon.

We can see a show here on the base most every night. They are free, and are usually pretty good shows.

I haven't seen any of the Scottsboro boys yet, but have written to Bill Mc. and M.D. Hayes, and expect to meet them on a pass sometime.

Uncle George and Aunt Lizzie stayed longer this time than usual didn't they? How did they seem to be? I would have liked to have seen them, and expect to write to them soon.

Tell Aunt Ruth that I did write to her, and that it will probably get there by and by. I will write again though in case it doesn't.

I got a letter from Bill Parks, but it was written back in February, and hadn't ever been assigned as yet. Some of the mail is pretty slow getting here.

Everything is about the same here. Nothing important has happened.

Take care of yourself, and remember that,

I love you,