Letter No. 69 | Friday May 12, 1944

Pfc. George Dicus 34700627
859th Chemical Co. A.O. (M&H) Det "A"
A.P.O. #149
c/o Postmaster, New York, New York

Friday May 12, 1944

Dearest Mother & Daddy & Anna Ruth,

You are together now, and I hope you are having fun. Too bad that we are not all there at the same time, but that won't be very long now, and will we have fun then.

How is Martha now? I hope she is still being good. I have her picture on my desk, and she sure does look pretty. I hope that you get some good pictures of all of you, and be sure to send me some of the shots.

I do agree with you that Albert was a fool not to tell where he was. I have known for some time where he was, but he told me not to mention it, and it was his business not mine. Don't worry, I will let you know if anything should change here. I will probably stay right here though, because, with the outfit I am in, it can operate just as well from here as any other place. He is probably all right. I don't think there is much wrong with him. You know they give the Purple Heart even though you just scratch your big toe.

I got the Absentee ballot May 3. I didn't care about voting and would have voted just as you advised. I got a memo-graphed letter from Jourdon telling what a terrible thing it was for even Hodges to even ask for 4 rd. term when he had only bee in one, and how much better he was. I also got a lot of bunk from Hill. [NOTE: I'm not sure what he's talking about here unless it's a local election. The writing is hard to decipher. Click the photo for a larger view and see if you can make any sense of it.]

We are getting good food now. In fact just just as good as you could ask for. We usually get hot cakes, french toast, or powered eggs for breakfast. We get meat for the other two meals and a big variety of vegetables. We have steaks, pork chops, and chicken. Chicken at least once a week too.

I am working in the office again. I am the only clerk in this Detachment of the Co., and like the work pretty good. I had rather do a lot of different jobs and not so much of them than just a few and a lot of them. A change helps a lot. The P.X. was a nice place, but I had just as soon be working here.

Most of the younger people we knew back home are gone now aren't they Anna Ruth? Of course there are several left though, and they will be drifting back after the war. I know you are enjoying being at home, and I hope you will stay a long time, and just have a nice visit while you are there.

Students from Georgia are to have an alumni reunion in London sometime pretty soon. I plan to go, because I know some of my old buddies will be there. The next thing, is to get a pass on that date, and I think we can.

By the time you get his you will probably already already have gotten my request Anna Ruth that you as me to send. I don't need a lot of stuff because we get candy and gum each week from the P.X. We also get fruit juice, cookies, toiletries, and etc.

My last sheet of paper, so better close.

I want all of you to just have the best time possible while you are together, and don't worry about me, because there is no need at all. I am O.K.

Love always,