Letter No. 70 | Monday June 5, 1944

Pfc. George Dicus 34700627
859th Chemical Co. A.O. (M&H) Det "A"
A.P.O. #149
c/o Postmaster, New York, New York

Monday June 5, 1944

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

I thought it was pretty bad when you didn't hear from me for three weeks, then 4 weeks, and now 5 weeks is drastic. I have written every week I know, and it seems as though I have written more. I have also written to Albert. Why is it that my mail doesn't go? You will begin to think that I am just not writing.

We have just come in from a ball game. We beat them, but it was some game. I made a couple of errors, but got two hits, and one home run.

We have a radio in our tent now, and you will be surprised when I say that the best programs we get are German programs. They are especially designed for us, and of course they spread a lot of propaganda, but it is real good music, and the rest is so obvious that we don't pay any attention to it.

I got your letters, but still haven't gotten the package. They are slow, and I will get the sooner or later. Did you pack it good? Some of them are really beat up when they get here.

After this war is over, you can bet that I am not going to wait much time getting home. We have things pretty nice, but I will take my part back there as soon as I get out.

I am enclosing a money order that I had made last month. I was going to get it made a little bigger and sent it this month, but think I had better wait, because I might take a pass.

Take care of yourself, and remember:

I love you,