Letter No. 71 | Tuesday June 6, 1944

Mrs. Paul J. Campbell
[George's sister, Anna Ruth]
14 Tuxedo Place
Morristown, N.J.

Tuesday June 6, 1944
[NOTE: This was D-Day - Normandy Landing]

Dearest Mother,

We've had news of the long-expected invasion today. From what I can hear on the radio, it's going smoothly with little resistance. I do hope and pray this war will soon be over and the boys get home. I've been thinking of you this morning and wishing that I could be with you. I know it will be a hard day, and I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you and Daddy and Little Brother, and praying that this will soon be over and he'll come marching home.

We've had a very cool snap for the last couple of days – down to 40°, but the sun is out today and it's nice and warm again. I've been in bed reading while Martha napped – from 10:00 to 12:00. You should see her since she's been on 3 meals per day. She's so sturdy and husky-looking. She pulls up and walks around everything. I think she'll walk by one year.

Buddy V. spent the night here Saturday while his mother and father went out. She's been nice to keep Martha. Then she baked a cake and sent it over. She's a funny specimen, but we're on good terms now, thank heavens.

We went to see Ed Fabey for an hour Sunday. He's in a T.B. hospital near. He's up and came out to the sitting room to see us. I believe he stays in bed about 20 hrs. per day, but he seems much better. I took him some oranges.

The roses were just beginning to bloom, but we have the most beautiful peonies – red, pink, and white. Reminds me of Moody's.

Paul and I were just talking last night about what a good time we had at home and how the time flew. Please tell Elizabeth and Aunt Ruth that I'm going to write soon.

I got a letter from Chris yesterday. She didn't have any news except that she had had a wisdom tooth extracted.

We've been cooking some of our suppers outside at the fireplace – hot dogs on a stick, etc., and it certainly is easy. Everybody does his own. I think we'll do it lots this summer. We all enjoy it, too.

It's time to feed Martha, so I must close. Write real soon. Hope you had a nice time in Chattanooga. Just visit about and have a good time.

Lots and lots of love,
Sister Fox
[NOTE: George called Anna Ruthe, "Sister Fox", and she called him "Brother Rabbit"]