Letter No. 87 | Thursday October 26, 1944

Pfc. George Dicus 34700627
859th Chemical Co. A.O. (M&H)
A.P.O. #149
c/o Postmaster, New York, N.Y.


Dearest A.R. (Anna Ruth - his sister)

If we keep moving around, you will begin to think we don't do anything else. This is what has happened again though. This time it is for the better. I am now in a nice brick building. It is almost like a dorm. Three of us have an average size room with running water. It is nice, but I wonder how long it will last.

Still no mail. That is getting to be our slogan. It will be here sometime though, and then we will have more mail than we know what to do with it.

How would you have like to have seen the Bama and Tennessee game this year? That must have been some game, 0 to 0.  Georgia seems to be getting along pretty good to. Have you seen many games this year? Sure seems funny not to be able to see a few games.

I let a French lady take my clothes a few days ago, to laundry them. She was supposed to bring them back in a couple of days, and now I have begun to wonder if she is going to bring them back at all or not. The bad part is, I don't have her address.

We have been taking a few pictures lately, and if I can get them developed, and if they are good, I will send you a few shots. We can get all the film we want here. It is French Kodak Film, but it works in our cameras fine. Don't forget to send me the pictures you promised me a long time ago when you get them. Keep writing, and I will get it sometime.

Love you,