Letter No. 102 | Friday January 26, 1945

Pvt George Dicus 34700627
Hq, 2nd Adv. Air Depot Area
APO 149, c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

Mr. L. H. Dicus
Scottsboro, Alabama

January 26, 1945

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

Mother, I will repeat, your writing is plain enough so that you won't have to make letters a half inch wide when you write V-mail. You have about 2 good paragraphs, and that is the end of the letter. Only kidding of course, but your writing does photography very good.

I can't remember when it was that I didn't write for a month at a time. There was a period that I didn't write for a little over a week, but not a month. I sure hope that you have heard from me by this time, and that it continues to come without any delays.

So they finally have gotten something started against Judge Benson. Who got it started? If I could have a guess, I bet that I could tell you one person that had something to do with it, didn't you Daddy?

I am in a very nice little room now. The boy that I work with from Tuscaloosa and I live together. We have steam heat, and two chest of drawers to put our clothes in. Not a bad set up at all.

This has been a very nice day. The sun was out all day, and the snow has started to melt. Give us a couple of weeks of weather like this, and we will have all the snow melted and the mud dried up that will follow.

I have been to Paris a couple of times lately, but didn't do very much. I have been to a couple red cross dances, and danced with the WAC'S [Women's Army Corps]. It is nice to talk to a girl that speaks the same language that you do for a change.

Anna Ruth is probably there, or will be soon. I wrote to her at Morristown, but she will have moved by the time it gets there I guess. If you are there A.R., hello, and I will write to you just as soon as I get your new address. I am still thinking about that big celebration that you have been talking about when I get home. I am all for it.

You might send me the Park's boys addresses, and I will write to them, and try to get a correspondence started again. They are really scattered out now aren't they?

It is just about time for me to call it a day. I think that I will go upstairs and make my bed. I have a funny book that I want to read before going to bed, and I haven't read the Stars and Stripes paper today yet either.

Take care of yourself.

Love always,