Letter No. 104 | Monday February 5, 1945

Pvt George Dicus 34700627
Hq, 2nd Adv. Air Depot Area
APO 149, c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

Mr. L. H. Dicus
Scottsboro, Alabama

February 5, 1945

Dearest Mother, Daddy, and Anna Ruth,

I have ad several letters from you lately, but the only package that I have gotten since I last mentioned it was two Readers Digest. I am still sweating them out though, and expect them to come in most any time now. I also got a letter from Chris Jenkins, Erskin Parks, and Wm. Derrick today. That really puts me in the hole on my letter writing. I am going to write to you and Turk [Erskin] tonight and put the rest back with my hold file that I have intended to write for so long.

The weather is really changeable here. Last week we had snow, but now it is all gone, and is real warm. It has been very nice for the past few days, and I hope it stays this way for a while.

I am having some pictures made in Paris, and will send them to you as soon as I get them. I am also sending you a  couple pictures of the boys that I work with. One now, and one later. I hope the pictures are good, but am going to send them this time regardless.

We have been working pretty hard lately, but have been getting the usual time off. I have been going to several dances, and having a good time. This is sure a nice place that we are at now. It is pretty nice to eat, sleep, and work in the same building. I had just as soon stay here until they get ready to send me home.

Too bad about Gus Sentell being killed wasn't it? M. D. Hays had already heard about it, and had just told me last week.

Yes, I have plenty of blankets, I also have an innerspring mattress of course a couple of the springs intrude a little, but I can sleep in a curve now, and miss them. We also have steam heat, so I use most of them on top of my mattress.

I hope that all of you are getting along fine, and that you haven't been sick during the cold weather. I have been doing fine, and am getting fatter every day. Get good food, and plenty of it. Have had a couple French meals lately. They are good cooks, but I sure will be glad to get back home where you do things to food that no one else can equal.

How is Martha doing? She is big enough to walk and talk a little bit isn't she. She will be big enough where it will be ok to take around when I get back, and we will do some big celebrating then.

Thinking of you, and hope you the best of everything.

Lots of love,