Letter No. 98 | Thursday January 11, 1945

Pvt George Dicus 34700627
Hq, 2nd Adv. Air Depot Area
APO 149, c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

Mr. L. H. Dicus
Scottsboro, Alabama

January 11, 1945

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

Seems as though V-mail comes a little faster, so I will have to start putting a few of them in I guess.

I haven't gotten a letter from you for a few days, but I am sure that there must be mail, and some more packages on the way for me. I have only gotten about three or four packages so far, so I know that there will be more.

We didn't have a white Christmas here, but I didn't miss it very much. We sure have a nice white coat of snow now. There must be a cold spell most everywhere. I noticed in the paper that it has been pretty cold even as far down as Alabama. I was just trying to think of the year it was when we had that big snow. This snow reminds me of it a little. It is not as cold as it was then, but there sure is a lot of snow. We have good fires though, and make it fine. I don't have the slightest bit of a cold, but if I do I will be all fixed up. I got the bottle of cough syrup. I hope that I don't have to use it though.

I haven't been able to see M D Hayes, or Hunt, but will try to look them up when I get a chance. I am not right at them, but I think that I am within the range of a few miles. I did see Mose Branum one time and am going to go around and see him again when I get a chance.

Well what do you think about Anna Ruth and Paul moving to Chattanooga? I am sure glad, and I know that you are too. I know that she doesn't like to live in N.J. and I know that she is sure glad to move back down south. She will be close enough to home where you can visit with each other when you like.

It is getting late, and I am getting so tired that I can hardly hold of my head. The boy from Alabama is sitting here talking to me, so it took a long time to write.

Take care of yourself and write soon. I always like to get mail from you and sure do miss it when it doesn't come in.

I love you, and sure would like to see you.

Your son,